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New Health and Retail Facilities on Hes East

A proposal made by Sam Maguire to build a health and retail facility on the Heslington East campus has been approved by the Planning Committee.


Yesterday, in-coming YUSU President Ben Leatham congratulated Sam Maguire on the success of his plea for a health and retail facility on Heslington East. The facility will include a doctor’s surgery, a shopping parade, a restaurant and/or café as well as a hot food takeaway station.

The proposal was sent on the 4th June, and a letter notifying YUSU of its success was received yesterday. The new facilities are set to be built on the Field Lane roundabout, which links the two campuses together. Access for bikes and cars will also be provided.

Students took to Facebook to enquire about other services, including a much coveted dentist’s surgery. Although the exact details of what will be built have not yet been confirmed, this is no doubt a huge step in the development of Heslington East as an independent campus.