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New Machines at York Sports Centre


The York Sports Centre, situated in James College next to the Psychology department, has been fit with new cardio machines in preparation for the coming term.


The new treadmill model installed at York Sports Centre ©Life Fitness UK
©Life Fitness UK

Last night and this morning the upstairs section of the York Sports Centre gym, which previously housed Precor brand machines, swapped to models from UK company Life Fitness (as shown above.) As well as treadmills, the gym has installed two new models of bike and also a new cross trainer. The new machines are equipped with better overall storage for water bottles/phones, and even have built-in iPod chargers.

The Precor cross-trainers, which face the far wall of the centre, will also remain the same. Sports Centre staff said that there was simply no need to replace them.

The upstairs weights machines have also been left as usual. There are currently no plans to refurbish the downstairs section of the gym.