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Severe flooding warnings for parts of York

Today saw a huge volume of rainfall over York. We are familiar with the overflowing River Ouse in the Winter but this time the River Foss could overflow as its barrier is unable to cope with such a large influx of water. This would mean that areas closer to university as well as the city centre are likely to be affected. Student areas currently issued with a severe warning are Osbaldwick and Tang Hall. The local police have said that up to 3,500 homes could be affected. Any updates can be found here, https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings?location=YoSo far some roads have been closed rk


So far some roads have been closed including Huntington Road, Monks Cross Link Road and Foss Bank near Sainsburys. Archbishop Holgate School has been set up as a rest centre for those affected by the flooding so far.  There is a possibility of evacuation from some properties close to the river. Sandbags have already been used in some areas.  Make sure you are careful over the next few days if you are currently in York or returning in preparation for the new term. The main advice from the Environment Agency at this time is to move valuables upstairs.