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Student organiser of York Says No to Brexit protest sent hate mail

Following the protest march York Says No to Brexit, which took place on the 2nd July in St. Helen’s Square, student organiser Sally Sadik has been sent an angry letter by an anonymous York resident. 

The handwritten letter, posted on the event’s Facebook page by Sadik on the 16th July, opened by claiming that, “You have so infuriated us (Members Clifton Anti EU) that I don’t know where to start”. It went on to criticise the reasoning behind the protest, and more generally British students, adding that everyone had “laughed at” a previous protest against the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance (E.M.A.), since “E.M.A. stands for extra money for alcohol”.

The author then personally attacked Sadik, an English and Related Literature student going into her third year, predicting that after finishing her degree she would “have a Gap Year, too afraid to go to work” and, in lieu of a signature, finished with the words, “No common sense”.

Nonetheless, Sadik received huge support on social media, with commenters noting that the march had included York residents of all ages and backgrounds, and that the letter’s author had falsely claimed that 58% had voted for Brexit, rather than 52%.

However, Sadik took a more nuanced view of the anonymous author and the motivations behind their actions. Stating that she was not angry, she maintained that “the only way to respond to this is with compassion and understanding”. Moreover, she believed that the letter was symptomatic of “the failure of those in power, time and time again, to genuinely care for the most vulnerable in society”.

“This isn’t about attacking the people who were misled by the Leave campaign,” concluded Sadik, “it’s just about being united in our belief that leaving the EU would be a disastrous decision” so that “we can all stand together in solidarity, protecting the people in our country who need it most”.