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Students to march against fee regime

©The Guardian

Thousands of students will take to the streets of Central London on 19th November under the message “no fees – no cuts – no debt”.

©The Guardian

This is an escalation of student opposition to the current fee regime and ongoing privatisation and marketisation of higher and further education, marking the reawakening of the British student movement in the run up to the general election, in the wake of the NUS supporting free education for the first time since the 2010 fee rise. The demonstration will be supported by a wave of local and direct actions in the weeks running up to it and has been called by a coalition of student groups including the National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts and The Student Assembly Against Austerity.

Beth Redmond, from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, said,

“Four years on from the election of the Coalition, it is clear that fees have failed. Whole areas of higher and further education are now off limits to anyone without rich parents, and education workers are being squeezed, sacked and outsourced. We are calling this demonstration to take the fight to the government and to demand a public education system that serves society and is free and accessible to everyone.”

Kirsty Haigh, NUS Scotland Vice President, added

“This year will see a major fightback against privatisation and attacks on living standards, the biggest since 2010-11. Millions of workers will be on strike this summer and into the autumn, and students will be a part of that fight. With a general election in May, we will be putting free education onto the political agenda, not by softening our position but by making our ideas impossible to ignore.”


For further information, contact Hannah Sketchley on 07900 482427 or Rachel O’Brien on 07929 317220.                                       .

To attend and cover the demonstration on the day, get in touch with YUSU and grab a place on their coaches. Check their Facebook event for more information.