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The Aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s Interview

Image from The Guardian

In one of the most anticipated royal interviews in history, Meghan and Harry’s two hour special with Oprah Winfrey was crammed full of distressing revelations that have struck a wound straight into the heart of the British monarchy. 

With the drama steadily becoming more amped and disturbing as the interview proceeded, one of the most alarming statements was delivered within the first hour. The Duchess of Sussex accused the royal family and the British press of treating her and her son with both overt and covert racism. She told Oprah how their son Archie was refused the title of Prince and thus the security that is provided with such a title was denied to him, which the Duchess alluded to being due to the racism that Archie and herself were subject to. An allusion that was soon made disturbingly obvious when she told Oprah of the conversation that a member of the royal family had with Prince Harry over ‘concerns about how dark [Archie’s] skin might be’. 

The statement was followed by the equally disturbing revelation that Meghan had contemplated suicide due to the loneliness and isolation that she was subject to from the royal household. Harrowingly, she told Oprah how she ‘didn’t want to be alive anymore’ despite ‘begging’ for help from the institution. A comment echoing Harry’s late mother Princess Diana in her infamous 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. The heart-breaking candidness of Meghan sharing her suicidal thoughts was enough to make even the loyalist of the monarchists feel exceeding empathy towards her and her husband’s departure from royal duties.

Indeed, not all of the public felt empathetic towards Harry and Meghan’s situation. Good Morning Britain co-presenter Piers Morgan received harsh criticism after his torrent of negative comments launched on the couple’s interview. Ofcom, the media regulator received 41,000 complaints following Monday’s show, one of the highest number of complaints ever received. As a result, the co-host quit the show on Tuesday evening.

It is clear that the interview has caused a divide in society, with a plethora of issues being raised. Race, issues with the monarchy and indeed the lies spun by the media. With the Duchess of Cambridge also receiving criticism from the public for her feuding with Meghan, the royal family will have to be resurrecting in the most spectacular fashion in order to revive itself and not be totally disowned by the British public and indeed the Commonwealth.   

Following such accusations, Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday evening ‘the issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. Whilst some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.’ Indeed, the very least the royal family can do after such damaging blows is investigate the claims, yet if these accusations are substantiated, further questions will be raised as to whether the public will be exposed to the findings, or if they will be hidden away or twisted by the British media. 

Written by Eleanor Davis