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Transdev to end Unibus service between city and University of York

Image credit: Flickr
Image credit: Flickr
Image credit: Flickr

Transdev will end its Unibus service between the University of York and the city, the company has announced.

In a statement released today, Transdev has informed students that the last bus services between the campus and York will run on the 4th of December 2016.

The No. 44 runs alongside the No. 56 and No. 66, run by First. Transdev continued its popular No. 44 bus service between the university campus and the city of York even after the university administration awarded its transport contract to another provider.

However, without the financial support of the university, Transdev has stated that it is no longer financially feasible to continue sending the No. 44 bus to the campus:

“[…] with lots of other buses running along the route, often copying what we do with the back-up of the University, it has made life very difficult for us. Sadly, no business can keep on running without making any money”.

Millie Beach, President of the University of York Students’ Union, wrote on social media:

“At this point, I’d really like to thank Transdev for providing a great bus service to students over the years and for their really friendly, welcoming drivers. Having said that, this is a commercial decision and we must support them in that”.

Students have reacted with sadness at the news that the No. 44 will no longer run to the university. One student told The Yorker:

“This is such a shame. The bus drivers were always so friendly, more than drivers on the other buses”.

The No. 44 will run between Acomb and the city, but will no longer be known as the Unibus. Students’ Tripper cards will be valid until the 4th of December. Transdev assures students that “you’ll still see the same friendly faces on our other buses around York”.

Transdev had previously held a contract with the university, but First York acquired a five-year transport contract from the university last year.