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Travellers cause chaos near university campus

Image credit: The Yorker
Image credit: The Yorker
Image credit: The Yorker

Several students of the University of York and members of the public have fallen victim to some unpleasant experiences with a group of travellers, who have settled in a field near the university campus.

The travellers arrived unexpectedly on Friday at the field between Broadway at the bottom of the campus and have been present at the site over the weekend. It was expected that they would depart the site on Tuesday, but they continue to reside at the site.

On Tuesday a source informed The Yorker that children from the group of travellers had barricaded the cattle grid, separating the university campus from the field, and were throwing bagged dog mess at passing cyclists.

On Sunday the Editor of The Yorker was asked by some children to pay money on his way to campus from Broadway. He declined to pay the ‘toll’ and was consequently shot by a pellet gun as he approached the Sport Centre.

After evading the would-be Dick Turpins, the Editor visited the Sport Centre and informed the staff. The police were called and arrived on the campus. The Editor made a short statement to the police.

On Saturday the travellers were apparently cautioned by the police on their use of quad bikes in the area. A member of staff at the York Sport Centre also reported bonfires lit in the evenings near the public pathway across the field. The Yorker has contacted the Sport Centre for comment.

The police have visited the site several times since the travellers’ arrival on Friday. Yesterday a Halifax student called the RSPCA to report a number of greyhounds that were either tied to posts or kept in wooden boxes on the site.

Students are advised to contact the campus security services on 01904 324 444 for non-emergencies, or 01904 323 333 for emergencies, in the event of further unpleasant or dangerous experiences with the travellers.