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University of Hull leaves NUS as York prepares for referendum

Image credit: Edges Project (www.edgesproject.eu)
Image credit: Edges Project (www.edgesproject.eu)
Image credit: Edges Project (www.edgesproject.eu)

The University of Hull has voted to depart the National Union of Students (NUS) in the same week that a referendum on York’s membership has been scheduled.

Just under 10% of Hull’s students voted in a referendum on its position in the NUS. Of the 1306 votes cast, 811 went towards the disaffiliation side.

Hull’s students’ union scheduled a referendum after a petition for immediate action was submitted to its staff. In 2014/2015 Hull paid the NUS over £50,000 in affiliation and received £17,000 back in NUS Extra card sales. Hull joins Lincoln and Newcastle in choosing to leave the national body.

The University of Hull is the alma mater of Richard Brooks, the NUS Vice-President for Union Development, whose comment that “some students have more equal rights than others” are a particular point of contention for several disaffiliation campaigning groups.

Earlier this week the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) brought forward its referendum on its membership of the NUS in response to a Policy Proposal and heated debate on campus and on social media.

YUSU’s timetable of events for its NUS referendum is as follows:

  • Monday 23rd May – online campaigning begins
  • Tuesday 31st May – physical campaigning Begins
  • Tuesday 31 May, 17:30 – 19:00 – official referendum debate in Physics Block, P/T/006
  • Wednesday 1 June – 10:00, voting opens
  • Wednesday 8 June – 17:00, voting closes
  • Thursday 9 June – results announced