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University of York to launch free online courses in 2017

Photo credit: The Yorker
Photo credit: The Yorker
Photo credit: The Yorker

The University of York will launch a series of free online courses in 2017, commencing in January, it was announced today.

Anyone with access to the Internet is able to participate in the forthcoming courses, created by University of York academics. The courses will take the form of short video lectures, quizzes and case studies, lasting a number of weeks.

At present, several courses are planned to begin in January 2017. These include ‘Exploring everyday chemistry’, examining the use of chemistry in our daily lives; and ‘Becoming a digital citizen’, looking at how ordinary people behave themselves online and the various implications of digital technology.

Beginning in April, Internet users can take a course on ‘Improving children’s lives’ and in May, those interested in law and the justice system may enjoy a course on UK criminal law, ‘From crime to punishment’.

If you are interested in participating in these courses, you can register your interest on the University of York website.