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Vanbrugh College evacuated after small fire

Photo credit: www.york.ac.uk
Photo credit: www.geograph.org.uk
Photo credit: www.geograph.org.uk

Parts of Vanbrugh College were evacuated earlier today, the 8th November 2016, after a small fire broke out in the late afternoon and early evening around the college’s nucleus. It is believed that the problem was caused by a dishwasher.

Several fire engines were dispatched to the scene, however this is standard practice for buildings housing many people, such as universities, and the situation was quickly resolved. News of the fire’s outbreak and eventual cessation was reported through social media, with for instance University Radio York (URY)’s News being among the first to break the news on Twitter that the fire services had left Vanbrugh and everything was under control again.

Jamie Warner, The Yorker‘s city news correspondent, said: “When I arrived on scene at twenty-past eight, the fire crews had left and the kitchen staff had resumed closing up. There was no sign of any damage from outside the kitchen, and V Bar was carrying out business as usual”.

The only people inconvenienced were the small number of Vanbrugh college residents who were evacuated. Additionally, the college’s JCR Hustings, which were due to take place at 8pm in Vanbrugh Dining Hall, have had to be postponed until Thursday, “due to the fire alarm going off and fire engines turning up”, it was announced on Vanbrugh College’s official Twitter page this evening.