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York Central MP becomes Shadow Secretary for Environment

Photo credit: www.rachaelmaskell.com
Photo credit: www.rachaelmaskell.com
Photo credit: www.rachaelmaskell.com

Rachael Maskell, the Labour MP for York Central, has become the new Shadow Secretary for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Ms. Maskell joins a number of MPs appointed to new positions in the Shadow Cabinet, following a parliamentary rebellion against the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn MP.

The mass resignation of MPs from the Shadow Cabinet follows the dismissal of Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central, rumoured to be encouraging front-bench MPs to launch a coup against Corbyn. So far, the Shadow Cabinet has lost over thirty of its pre-referendum members.

Jeremy Corbyn’s involvement in the official campaign for Great Britain to remain a member of the European Union has received heavy criticism from Labour MPs. Due to the likelihood of a snap general election occurring following the appointment of a new Prime Minister, something that, the Conservative Party confirmed yesterday, would occur before September 2nd, many MPs have voiced their dissatisfaction at the leader of their party, believing him incapable of leading the Labour Party to electoral victory. Yesterday Hilary Benn described his leader’s position as “untenable.”

Ms. Maskell became the MP for York Central in May 2015, winning 42% of residents’ votes, succeeding her Labour predecessor Hugh Bayley. Before entering the House of Commons, she worked as a National Official at Unite and in the health service. She voted for Great Britain to remain a member of the European Union.