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University of York tuition fees to rise in 2017

Photo credit: www.york.ac.uk
Photo credit: www.york.ac.uk
Photo credit: www.york.ac.uk

Tuition fees at the University of York are set to rise to £9250 a year for undergraduates starting their courses in the autumn of 2017, it has been confirmed.

The increase for UK and EU students was announced by a statement posted on the university’s official website. In the statement, it was explained that:

“Currently, tuition fees are capped by the government at a maximum of £9000 for each academic year. However, the government is considering changing the law to increase that cap in line with RPIX (a measure of inflation equivalent to all items in the Retail Price Index with the exception of mortgage interest payments).”

Whilst the statement reiterated that the university still “can’t confirm” both whether there will be an increase in tuition fees and the amount of this potential increase, it added that, “However, we expect that the law will change shortly.” This marks a departure from previous statements, where the position had been that it was simply too early to make any sort of predictions about the fees for the 2017/8 academic year. Moreover, the statement added that, “Further increases within the government fee cap will apply in subsequent academic years.”

This more decisive step towards a tuition fee rise can be expected to incur protest from both the National Union of Students (NUS) and the University of York’s Student Union (YUSU).

The statement concluded by saying that concerned current and prospective students should refer to the university’s official website, where they would provide “notice of any increase in fees as soon as we can.”