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York Vision’s award-winning reputation false, claims Lemon Press Editor

Image: York Vision
Image: York Vision
The York Vision logo, stating that the newspaper is “the UK’s most awarded student newspaper”. Image: York Vision

York Vision is not the UK’s most-awarded student newspaper, according to an extraordinary online article penned by the Editor of The Lemon Press.

Henry Dyer, Editor of The Lemon Press and Third Year student of English and Related Literature, claimed that “acclaimed toilet paper substitute” York Vision falsely professes to be the UK’s most-awarded student newspaper.

Claiming to have searched archives of numerous major newspapers and organisations to compile a list of student media-related award ceremonies and results, Dyer concludes that York Vision “has not won the most awards (combining them all), either by count of winners or winners and runners-up.”

Taking into account all award schemes, York Vision is the fourth-most awarded student newspaper, behind The GryphonForge Media and Varsity, Dyer writes. Forge Media has also taken more awards from the Guardian Student Media Awards than York Vision.

Dyer adds that a more accurate but less “snappy” tagline for York Vision would be: “‘Winner of the Most Guardian Student Media Awards for Best Publication or Best Newspaper When You Don’t Count Runners-Up or If You Only Count The Years We Won or You Actively Exclude Other Quite Legitimate Award Schemes’”.

According to Dyer’s analysis, The Gryphon, the student publication based at the University of Leeds, is the most-awarded student newspaper in the country. The Lemon Press has sent its congratulations to The Gryphon via Twitter.

Dyer’s article marks a shift in the editorial style of The Lemon Press, the University of York’s satirical magazine and the self-described “cheekiest organ on campus”. The Lemon Press is not known for its investigations into campus matters. Its content has often been compared, by readers and former editors, to the latter half of Private Eye.

Commenting on the article, Amy Gibbons, a former Deputy Editor of Nouse, described it as “Jaw-droppingly savage from beginning to end.”

York Vision continues to defend its reputation following the publication of a widely-criticised print edition earlier this term. The newspaper Tweeted that many of its alumni were “successful journalists” who had “gone on to write for the country’s most successful publications…”

However, the newspaper continues to suffer criticism from former members of its editorial team. Jayh Karia, a former editor, demanded via Twitter that the whole editorial team “resign in disgrace.” “You guys are so shit and have completely ruined the most successful student newspaper. Such a weak, disappointing and awful group,” wrote Karia on Twitter.


York Vision responded to Karia’s criticism online, asking him if he would consider offering the newspaper editorial advice, “Perhaps, in a more constructive and nuanced manner.” However, Karia referred instead to the rumour that Amelia Hubbard, York Vision‘s Editor-in-Chief, faces an immediate vote of no confidence.

The Yorker can confirm that the rumour that York Student Television threatened to take legal action against claims made in an opinion piece by Nayomi Karthigesu, a contributor to York Vision, is false. Edwin Barnes, Production Director of YSTV, told The Yorker:

YSTV made contact with York Vision after reading Nayomi’s article on the back of Issue 264. We requested that they publish an apology – and correct the online article – for the false assertion that YSTV misspelt Nayomi’s name on air. The issue was resolved amicably and YSTV never threatened nor considered suing York Vision over the matter.

The Yorker has contacted York Vision for comment.