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The Yorker to hold October 2016 General Meeting

Photo credit: Jack Harvey
Photo credit: Jack Harvey
Photo credit: Jack Harvey

The Yorker will hold a General Meeting on the 10th of October, open to all current students at the University of York.

The Yorker is an independent student media outlet, created in 2006, run by students at the University of York. The Yorker publishes online at all times throughout the year and prints a themed magazine at least once a year. The Yorker provides coverage of news on campus and in the city as well as film and music reviews, political commentaries, lifestyle guides, sports coverage and more.

As the largest journalistic outlet uninhibited by the media charter of the university’s student union, The Yorker is proud to be the University of York’s free press, aligning itself with no political parties, movements or pressure groups and maintaining commitments only to freedom of expression and high-quality journalism.

The General Meeting will be held between 6pm and 9pm in V/123, Vanbrugh College on the University of York campus. All students are invited to attend The Yorker‘s meeting, in which we hope to introduce our publication to new undergraduate students and anyone who is interested in getting involved with our journalism. We aim to demonstrate why The Yorker is the best place for University of York students to get involved in journalism while at university.

In addition to an introduction to the newspaper, we will be holding elections for a number of positions in The Yorker‘s editorial team. These include:

  • Deputy Editor for Distribution
  • News Editor
  • Sport Editor

Deputy positions for the Arts & CultureComment & PoliticsLifestyleNews and Sport will also be available. There will also be an opportunity for students to run for the Science & Technology Editor‘s position, as well as the Campus and City Correspondents for the News section.

Further positions may be available in the election, prior to approval of the Board of Directors.

Lastly, the Directors intend to inform the membership of our progress in revising The Yorker‘s constitution.

If you are interested in learning more about positions available and wish to stand for a role, feel free to contact the Editor, Jack Harvey, at editor@theyorker.co.uk, for further information. If you would like to become a member of The Yorker and contribute to our content, please follow the instructions on our ‘Get Involved‘ page.