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Youth of York Strike for Climate Change

Image credit: YouthStrike4Climate York, Facebook

Young people from across York will take to the streets once again this Friday in an effort to protest what they call “the lack of Government action on climate change.”

In their press release, YouthStrike4Climate York said walking out of school last month generated significant attention from those in power, and that because of this, they must continue to protest, fight, and inspire young people who might not have previously been involved in the campaign.

Maisie Outhart, 16, one of the organisers of the strike, said,

“I think the YouthStrike4Climate is exceptionally important because it is evident from last month’s strike that no grassroots climate movement has caused such a huge reaction in such a short amount of time. We, as a generation, are fighting for our future and inspiring young people who might not have previously been involved, and it is important that the government know that the next generation of voters are demanding change.”

Students of the University of York are also set to join the cause and will also be staging a walkout to show both solidarity with the school students, and for the cause they support.

The demonstration will run from 11pm-2pm on Friday 15th of March at St Helen’s Square, York.