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Ten common SME marketing mistakes and how to avoid them


Many Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) rush headlong to market their products without really understanding the process or carrying out effective market research. Here are ten of the most common marketing mistakes that SMEs can avoid and see a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

1. First impressions really do matter

Given the popularity of online marketing techniques, it’s all too easy to overlook the importance of a personal introduction accompanied by a professional and well-designed business card. Business cards from Helloprint will promote your brand and make it easy for potential customers to contact you. Most business cards are competitively priced and will complement your online presence.

2. Look at your competitors

Whether you set up your SME because you have a unique product or you think that your brand is better than your competitor’s, always keep an eye on your opposition. If you track their failures as well as their successes you’ll be able to carve out a niche for your SME within the marketplace.

3. Shout about your differences

If you think that your company has a wonderful and unique product, then tell the world.! The same rules apply to exceptional customer service and product delivery. The public won’t necessarily be aware of your businesses’ skills unless you tell them about it.

4. Effective social media marketing

It’s not simply enough to have a social media presence. If you want to make effective use of these marketing tools, go on a course and learn more about the power of Twitter, Facebook and others forms of social engagement. A poorly-used company social media account can be worse than no account at all.

5. Keep your company website fresh

Always make sure that your information on your website is up to date. Try not to use stock images, they’re boring and the public may recognise these from other brands.

6. Devise a marketing plan

If you’re the director of an SME, you must devise a cohesive marketing plan and stick to it. Price the plan and organise marketing targets. The plan needn’t take a long time to create but it may well stop you going off at an expensive tangent in the future.

7. Be consistent

The branding website Bytestart suggests that SMEs that change their marketing message run the risk of confusing their customers. Once you have worked out your brand message then it’s important to stick to this.

8. Manage your expectations

If you’re outsourcing your marketing, be realistic. Carry out agency research and don’t expect results to flood in within the first month. Establishing your brand and then asking an agency to establish Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns or any other type of analytical course of action will take time.

9. Keep up with your customer base

Always listen to your customers. They’re the people who keep you in business. Establish focus groups before the launch of a new product and take their suggestions on board.

10. Don’t bombard the public

The public are a lot brighter than some companies think. If you’re using an email marketing campaign, the online business blog 123-reg Ltd suggests that you always personalise these emails and try to limit the amount of unscheduled emails your SME despatches.