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Attempted coup on the Capitol

(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Written by Tinaeke Kilwake

With less than a fortnight to go with Joe Biden’s scheduled inauguration and on the day Congress was scheduled to vote for their next president, a group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol doors to protest the election results. 

Yesterday at around 1 pm EST (6 pm GMT), about a thousand trump supporters, far-right individuals marched the US Capitol vandalising the Capitol building. ‘Protestors’ entered the Capitol building with little to no resistance from security and began raiding desks, trying to gain access to government documents. These ‘protestors’ were armed, and as you read this, you may hold questions of whether these individuals were participating in an act of domestic terrorism. 

What can only be described as an act insisting terror is what the world witnessed yesterday. As images and videos flooded our timelines and news outlets reporting in live time, everyone was soberly reminded that the chaos of 2020 did not leave us as soon as the clock struck twelve and we welcomed in a new year. 

After the mass protests that took place in America and all over the world during June 2020, many would have anticipated similar images of resistance from the national guard, the use of tear gas and rubber bullets. However, as images swarmed our timelines, what we all witnessed yesterday was a display of white power. A group of individuals incited terror on capitol workers whilst the sitting president Donald Trump declared his love for them. It is fair to retort that Trump did tweet twice asking protesters to remain peaceful. However, his Twitter rants about a fraudulent election seem to have incited rage within his supporters. He was breeding fear of the fall of democracy and spiralling conspiracy theories regarding dead voters casting votes in key states such as Georgia; however, after investigation, this has been declared false. Trump’s call for peace seemed a little too late after stirring his followers into a frenzy, and there being reports of four people who have died. 

The Republican of America is standing on rocky ground, what lengths will the current president go to keep his power? Having exhausted all legal avenues, many can see he is desperate to keep power and incite terror into his nation. The road to Joe Biden’s inauguration on the 20th will be approaching us with anxiety for what more defiance from the right we might see. 

What will be telling is how the individuals inciting violence will be prosecuted. Anarchists, agitators, and protesters who vandalise or damage any Federal buildings are liable for prosecution. 

Well into the night after the chaos of the day, Congress affirmed the presidential win of Joe Biden. Amongst the violence were Congress members holding on to democracy and set to pursue the people’s will. Members of Congress ensured that the chests storing the votes were kept safe and out of reach from the ‘protestors.’ 

With Trump’s fate sealed, his cries of a fraudulent election have been overhauled multiple times, and now we await the 20th of January, the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States of America.