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Anand Goyal & Michelle Lee – Candidate for RAG Officers


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Anand Goyal & Michelle Lee who is running for the position of RAG Officers in the YUSU Elections 2015.

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Name Anand Goyal & Michelle Lee

Candidate for RAG Officers

College Halifax

Year 2nd

Course A- Physics   M- Economics

Why are you running? We both want the next year to be RAGs biggest year, we’re both passionate about fundraising and philanthropy and RAG is the best way to get involved in that. We want to make it more accessible for more people, as RAG really is so much fun to organise and take part in RAG fundraising events such as raids or the events that take place in RAG week.

What are your policies? Our main policies are:

  • Getting sponsors for RAG so we have a bigger budget for events.
  • Creating an online portal where students can send in ideas or ask for help for their own events.
  • Promoting a greater awareness of what RAG is through social media and on campus.

Why should students vote for you? There’re two of us also which means extra people power should we win in the elections over the other candidates. We’re both extremely committed to building RAG up and creating a lasting legacy of a more robust RAG. We both, as individuals, and together have vast experience fundraising and doing various philanthropic work. Anand’s family run a foundation focused on talking women’s issues and educating children, called HGF. Michelle is part of a student led charity called Rescue the Rohingya. Anand is also vice chair of events on the RAG committee so he has a lot of direct experience with RAG.

Manifesto in a sentence More awareness, a larger budget and more people, for RAGs largest year yet.