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Ashley Reed – Candidate for LGBTQ Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Ashley Reed who is running for the position of LGBTQ Officer  in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Ashley Reed

Candidate for LGBTQ Officer

College Langwith

Year 1st

Course English and Related Literature

Why are you running? I’ve loved being involved in the LGBTQ Network since I arrived here at York and I knew straight away I’d eventually like to lead the Network and make change within YUSU to make York a better place for LGBTQ students.

What are your policies? I want to implement significant welfare reform; I’ll push for training for Network conveners on par with that of the college reps so that LGBTQ students can access welfare from conveners of the gender/sexuality/romantic denomination they actually belong to. I’ll also create a Network-wide welfare email address so that if you aren’t personally familiar with any welfare officers you can easily access it anyway.

I’ll get information about the various groups represented by the LGBTQ Network and everything that we do and can offer to LGBTQ students into the Freshers’ Packs, since currently there’s barely anything, which is totally rubbish!

I’ll focus on raising awareness on groups not covered by the acronym (asexuality, intersexuality and demisexuality especially) through campaigns and useful materials.

I’ll build stronger bridges with the other liberation networks, especially the Disabled Students Network – currently our meetings clash so disabled LGBTQ students can’t even attend both networks.

I’ll create an LGBTQ Network housefinding system and events like the one we had this year to take some pressure off of Queer students looking for houses that might not have any idea where to start looking for Queer or Queer-friendly housemates.

I’ll implement a postal vote system so that everyone in the Network gets a fair chance to vote in the Network elections and legitimise the process.

Finally I’ll open up the LGBTQ library properly so that everyone in the Network can get access to the books and films we’re currently holding onto but not really letting out!

Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me because I’m committed to the Network, I have a clear plan of action with achievable goals and I’m keen to make the next year amazing for LGBTQ students.

Manifesto in a sentence I’ll make welfare more accessible, raise awareness of non-acronym groups and build stronger bridges with the other networks.