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Callum Furness – Candidate for Policy Coordinator


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Callum Furness who is running for the position of Policy Coordinator in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Callum Furness

Candidate for Policy Coordinator

College Vanbrugh

Year 2nd

Course Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Why are you running? I am running for Policy Coordinator because I want to make a difference within the union as to how open to new ideas it is.

What are your policies? My policies are very straightforward – simply put, I want to make the policy process a lot more accessible to students. Many members of the university community could potentially have creative and innovative ideas as to how to improve the union but wouldn’t know how to submit said ideas. I want to change this and make the policy process accessible for all through increasing student awareness.

Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me because I want to make YUSU a much more responsive body, that truly serves the needs and desires of students.

Manifesto in a sentence Ease of access where every student is given an opportunity to make their voice heard is absolutely key to an effective and responsive union – this is what I want to bring about.