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Callum Shannon – Candidate for NUS Delegate


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Callum Shannon who is running for the position of NUS Delegate in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Callum Shannon

Candidate for NUS Delegate

College Derwent (’til I die)

Year 2nd

Course Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Why are you running? To bring about positive change from within the NUS that will benefit ordinary students like you and me.

What are your policies? Hold consultation with students to bring issues that matter to them to conference, support the OMOV (one member one vote) proposal so that York is not under-represented, write a conference diary whilst there so students know exactly what is going on and change future NUS elections in York to give the next generation of would be delegates a fairer fighting chance.

Why should students vote for you? It’s important you get a good deal out of conference and I’m going there for you, taking your issues. It’s also important to know what you’re getting out of conference and with my student media background I know how to publicise results. I’m also out to change these elections themselves by separating them from YUSU elections in future, putting all students who run for NUS delegate on the same level.

Manifesto in a sentence Change how the NUS works and how we elected delegates, making things fairer and better for all.