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Dom Smithies & Liam O’Brien – Candidate for LGBTQ Officers


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Dom Smithies & Liam O’Brien who is running for the position of LGBTQ Officers in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Dom Smithies and Liam O’Brien

Candidate for LGBTQ Officers

College  D- Alcuin   L- Vanbrugh

Year 2nd

Course D- Philosophy    L- Philosophy

Why are you running? We’re running to ensure that there is a vibrant and visible LGBTQ community in York to ensure that students can have a fun, accepting and safe experience while here at University.

What are your policies? We will provide information leaflets in all Freshers’ Welcome Packs to promote the visibility of the Network and provide a welcoming start for students at University. We will add a Merch Rep to the committee to lead a new focus on fundraising to support the Network’s campaigns and projects. We will produce a ‘Queers of York’ project to give voice to the stories of our members and highlight particular issues affecting our members as well as relating them to national events such as National Coming Out Day, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia and Pride.

Why should students vote for you? First, we have the experience. As well as the experience we have as both being long-standing members of the Network and the LGBTQ Social Society we also have a wealth of experience: within YUSU as a Policy Coordinator, in improving student well-being as Alcuin’s Vice Chair for Welfare & Support, and in providing positive leadership to a student body as the Chair of Alcuin and the Policy Review Group. And second, we have a plethora of new and exciting projects which you can find out about in our manifesto – or just talk to us!

Manifesto in a sentence More visibility, More vibrancy and More Pride.