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Edi Adegbola – Candidate for Welfare and Community Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Edi Adegbola who is running for the position of Welfare and Community Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Edi Adegbola

Candidate for Welfare and Community Officer

College Langwith

Year 3rd

Course Sociology

Why are you running? I’ve absolutely loved my time here in York and I want to be help others enjoy themselves as much as I have.

What are your policies? 

  • Proactivity: I want to help students take more of an active role in their own well-being by encouraging them to seek support (even if it’s just the support of a friend) sooner, rather than later. That way, instead of just turning to e.g. the Student Support Hub as a last ditch attempt to fix something that’s gone wrong, students instead are able to take steps to make sure things don’t go wrong. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it and I want to make it easier and clearer to do this. By working with the Student Support Hub, college welfare, JCRCs/SAs and societies to put on campaigns and disseminate information, I want to emphasise health and success, instead of just focusing on crisis management. I want to create an atmosphere where students are able to seek and form their own support networks in their friendship groups, societies, sports teams etc. as well as formal support like Nightline or the Open Door team. Finally, I want to give additional support to those with extra responsibilities – society leaders, JCRC/SA members, YUSU part-time officers and more. You guys do such amazing jobs! And you do it for free. I want to help you out by providing better and more consistent training and by taking some of the load during high-stress times. Maybe there’s an event you need to put on that coincides with your essay deadlines. I want to create an avenue where you can ask for help and we can assist you e.g. in the admin for this event.
  • Comfort and safety on/off campus: I want to make it that little bit more convenient to be on campus. Things like on-campus lockers have worked really well and I want to do more. I’ll be looking into providing more access to hot water, microwaves etc. on campus. During high-stress periods, I want to provide food and snacks on campus for people, giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re studying all day. With regards to safety, I want to continue to support the great work of initiatives like Nightsafe and other similar services provided by local groups and the council.
  • Community: Technically, we’re all residents in York, but realistically we don’t really engage with the city. We just stay in our houses, we stay on campus and we stay in Willow. (I may or may not have been there last night….. I was.) I want to help students engage more with this amazing place. Let’s go out into the city through volunteering etc., but also let’s showcase the great work that we do. I want to show you guys off! Let’s invite York residents to our shows and festivals. Let’s build up the reputation of students and let’s have a better relationship with the city.
  • Diversity: I want to see more diversity in student leadership – JCRCs/SAs, YUSU positions, society execs. I will support the liberation networks to continue to improve the great work they do to encourage and empower the under-represented. I think it’s important that all people feel free and able to put themselves forward for leadership.
  • Welfare: Finally I’d like to improve the college welfare system. I was a welfare officer so I know the challenges of the position. One problem that I found is the ambiguity of the role’s responsibilities. I want to make the role clearer and more consistent for the officers, enabling them to keep getting better at the amazing jobs they do. Like I said above, I also want to support proactivity and resilience in students, encouraging them to form their own support networks. This will hopefully ease some of the burden for JCRC welfare teams.

Why should students vote for you? People should vote for me because I will work hard to get students what they need. I’m not here promising a load of stuff that’s probably not going to happen. I actually want to make difference. I want to make your years at university the best of your life. Also, I’m friendly and approachable. I want to be open and responsive to feedback in person and on social media. You can follow my campaign with #TheOnlyWayIsEdi and add me on Snapchat at: TheOnlyWayIsEdi. I love meeting new people and I want to get to know students on an individual level.

Manifesto in a sentence I want to make it easier for you to keep on top of things, and have the best possible time here!