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Emma Smith – Candidate for Student Activities Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Emma Smith who is running for the position of Student Activities Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name: Emma Smith

Candidate for: Student Activities Officer

College: James

Year: 3rd

Course: Psychology

Why are you running?

  1. I want to make a contribution to student life
  2. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t try
  3. I think I would be good in the role

What are your policies? Support, Community, Involvement.

  • Extend the support that societies receive to RAG and Volunteering AND make better use of committees and PT Officers
  • Build a better community by hosting informal meetings to promote society, RAG and Volunteering collaboration
  • Remove barriers to involvement by making it easier to access information, easier to give feedback and easier to advertise last minute

Why should students vote for you?

  • I had difficulties getting involved in first year, so I have personal experience of barriers to involvement and easy ideas about how to address them
  • I have experience across different positions within committees and different groups of societies (Chair of TeaSoc, Academic Officer of PsychSoc)
  • I set up a society (TeaSoc) so I have ideas about how to improve the process
  • I have experience of working on Volunteering projects (Secretary of Minds in Motion) so I know what small changes could be implemented to improve how our projects work

Manifesto in a sentence: I offer common sense approaches to making student activities about more than just societies. #CommonNameCommonSense