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Faisal Hamza – Candidate for Senate Rep


The Yorker’s candidate profile for (NAME) who is running for the position of (position) in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Faisal Hamza

Candidate for Senate Rep

College Goodricke

Year 2nd

Course Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Why are you running? To improve academic quality for students and the reputation of the university, hopefully leading to better job prospects.

What are your policies? 

  1. Improve academic quality/standards by targeting the amount and quality of contact hours and also the quality of feedback received.
  2. Maintain/increase the quality of students accepted into the University for Courses as a whole, e.g. a university-wide minimum entry requirement.
  3. Target the university’s disappointing NSS (National Student Survey) results and increase the awareness/importance of the survey.

Why should students vote for you? I have prior experience in a similar role as 2nd year Joint Economics Rep. and I genuinely want to improve the academic experience of students at York.

Manifesto in a sentence Improving job prospects through improving academic quality.