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Full List of 2016 Candidates for YUSU Officer Elections


The full list of candidates for all Full and Part Time Officer positions in 2016’s YUSU Elections was released this morning. Campaigning and voting opens on the 14th of February and runs until the 19th (Week 7). Results will be announced on the 21st. The complete list of applicants runs as follows:

YUSU President:

Oliver Wilson
JJ Wilson
Habib Nassar
Ananna Zaman
Millie Beach
Connor Middleton
Ciarán Morrissey

Student Activities Officer:

Alex Lusty
Charlie Watkins
Lucas North
Heather Kelly
Dominic Elhert
Golfo Migos

Academic Officer:

Thomas Ron
Tamaki Laycock
Lisseth Inza Flores

Community and Wellbeing Officer:

Dom Smithies
Jack Chadwick
Rosario Neyra

York Sport President:

Isaac Beevor
Aaron Dougherty
Beth Cash
Stephen Bates
Syed Razvi

Women’s Officer:

Sally Sadik
Joanie Hutchinson-Ross and Rosie Rhodes
Mia Shantana Chaudhuri-Julyan and Lucy Elizabeth Robinson

International Officer:

Roberto Avelar

Environment and Ethics Officer:

Katie Smith and Ben Walker
Benjamin Wright and Bethan Laughlin
Robert Gordon and Ella Parker

BME Officer:

Deborah Daniel
Sophie Flinders and Gabriella Obeng Nyarko

LGBTQ Officer:

Ashley Reed and Jaz Millar
Andrew Macauley

Disabled Students’ Officer:

Alexander Wray
Samuel Linley

Mature Students’ Officer:

Kevin Claxton and Leah Armstrong

RAG Officer:

Roz Walton

Volunteering Officer:

Ellie Meagher and Hannah Higgs
Abigail Fedorovsky