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George Balmford – Candidate for YUSU President

The Yorker’s candidate profile for George Balmford who is running for YUSU President in the YUSU Elections 2015.

George Balmford - YUSU President election

Name George Balmford

Candidate for YUSU President

College Vanbrugh

Year 3rd

Course Economics and Maths

Why are you running? I felt that there were things that needed to be changed in YUSU that’d benefit everyone. I thought that I’d be good in the role of President and would be able to make a difference, so I went for it. Also, I think it’ll be a fun thing to do, whatever the result. And at the very least, I will love the attention.

What are your policies? In a short summary…
DAY TO DAY is concerned with making campus life cheaper and easier (communal kitchens, shops on Hes East etc.)

YOU & YUSU is, among other things, about keeping you in the know and also improving representation for international and postgraduate students.

BIG PICTURE is what I hopefully can start on, even if a year isn’t enough time to finish, so that bits like more communication between departments (should help joint honour students) and also trying to improve integration between Hes East and West.

Why should students vote for you? People should vote BALM because I can best represent their interests. I will ensure that YUSU improves everyone’s uni life and also I think I could do a great job in the role.

Manifesto in a sentence Ideas from the everyday student for the everyday student.