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Grace Clarke – Candidate for YUSU Sport President

The Yorker’s candidate profile for Grace Clarke who is running for the position of YUSU Sport President in the YUSU Election 2015.

Grace Clarke - YUSU Sport president election

Name Grace Clarke

Candidate for YUSU Sport President

College Alcuin

Year 3rd

Course History

Why are you running? Fundamentally, I love sports and I cannot think of any other job I would rather do. I have loved my time at the University of York and sport has played such a fundamental part of my experience. The role of York Sport President encompasses the two and gives me the chance to give something back! From my role as Tournament Secretary on the York Sport Committee, working alongside the current York Sport President, Cass Brown, in addition to my position as President of the University of York Netball Club and previously Treasurer, as well as being Alcuin College Sports Representative for two years, I have gained considerable insight into how to run and coordinate a successful York Sport Union. I believe this all-rounded experience has provided me with the skills to make Sport at York the best it has ever been!

What are your policies? Remember, it’s ‘All about that GRACE’
G is for Getting Involved – Encourage everyone to engage, as a spectator, volunteering, through social media platforms and by making sport more accessible with pop-up sports equipment around campus.
R is for Relationships – Create Presidential committees to discuss ideas, organise inter-club fitness sessions and give clubs greater support. I want to build stronger relationships with local businesses and the local community via regular sport insight sessions.
A is for Achievement – Establish York as #Top35 in BUCS and promote success at both College Varsity and Roses by expanding the Focus Sport and pre-season development programmes.
C is for Communication – Appoint a Press and Publicity officer to each club to help publicise each sport and develop better media representation with a weekly #BuilduptoBUCS, fixtures and results on screens around campus and a York Sport YouTube channel
E is for Employability – Develop better systems of acknowledgment and offer more skills courses to promote how skills utilised in sport are similar to those in the workplace and how they can help to launch a successful career.

Why should students vote for you? I am approachable, proactive, ambitious and I truly believe I am the best person for this role. I am so passionate about Sport at York and have thrown myself into every opportunity available to me to participate at every level of participation. I will do everything in my power to ensure I complete each and every one of my policies. I want to bring some fun to the Elections campaign with something new and exciting every day for people to engage with. I want people to get to know me, my policies, my enthusiastic and determined approach and vote for me because they truly believe I would be the best person for the job.

Manifesto in a sentence “It’s all about that Grace”: Getting everyone involved, building strong Relationships with every sports club, Achieving success at all levels of participation, Communication is key, and Employability to get the perfect job.