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Hannah Pinsent – Candidate for Academic Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Hannah Pinsent who is running for the position of Academic Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Hannah Pinsent

Candidate for Academic Officer

College James

Year 3rd

Course Sociology with Social Psychology

Why are you running? I have loved being the Department rep for Sociology and all the key adaptable skills, experience and responsibility it has given me. I want to adapt this experience into being your academic officer and provide more opportunities for others to gain similar key transferable skills. I am enthusiastic and passionate about Academia and have had a lot of encouragement from Staff and Peers which motivated me to take on this Campaign to be the next Academic Officer.

What are your policies?

  1. Linking up Academic Societies with Course Reps
  2. Interdisciplinary student led lecture series
  3. More study spaces
  4. Closing the feedback Loop

Why should students vote for you? My policies are viable and aim to enhance the numerous positives present in every department at York whilst using my existing experience to continue working on areas which need improvement. I am dedicated, approachable, passionate and knowledgeable. Academia is my life and I want to share some of that Passion and enhance the student experience here at York! I am also the only candidate who has put a positive spin on the campaign and tried to come up with policies relating to enhancement rather than just change.

Manifesto in a sentence: I am to create opportunities for enhancing, celebrating and showcasing academic potential here at York whilst continuing to work on the necessary areas of improvement.