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High candidate turnout for 2018 YUSU Officer Elections

Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU

A huge number of students have put themselves forward as candidates in the 2018 University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) Officer Elections, surpassing the total number of candidates from last year’s contest.

At the time of reporting, 60 students have submitted their names as candidates in the 2018 elections, besting last year’s final total, 40. This number is expected to rise, with nominations still open for another week.

Six students are contesting the position of Union President, recognised as the leading role and representative of the Students’ Union, currently held by ex-Derwent College JCRC Chair Alex Urquhart. Last year eight students contested the role, but of that number, five ran as joke candidates, their supposed middle names forming an advertisement for an event to be held in Vanbrugh College’s bar. One candidate withdrew from the race hours before the election results.

Five students seek to become the next Academic Officer, a role currently occupied by Julian “JP” Porch. The Academic Officer represents students’ academic interests and works with a large team of elected academic representatives to challenge the University of York’s academic agenda. After this, three students have expressed their interest to become Activities Officer, the officer responsible for ratified media, student societies and volunteering groups, currently held by Mikey Collinson.

Two students seek to inherit Mia Chaudhuri-Julyan’s as the Community & Wellbeing Officer of YUSU. Finally, a single student has so far expressed interest in holding the role of York Sport President, occupied by Laura Carruthers.

Notably, four students currently contest the newly-created role of the Working Class & Social Mobility Officer. The winner of the election will be the first student to hold the position, which was created as the result of a successful albeit controversial referendum to create the role, held in the previous academic term.

Six students wish to represent YUSU as delegates the next National Conference of the National Union of Students (NUS), which is scheduled to begin on the 27th of March in Glasgow. Five places are available, three of which are exclusive to students following a policy proposal, calling to limit the number of places available to Sabbatical Officers, submitted by Catherine Yarrow, Women’s Officer of YUSU, in the last term of the 2016/2017 academic year.

Nominations close at 5pm on Friday, Week 4 of this term. The identities of the candidates will be announced in Week 6. Further details can be found here.

All information accurate at the time of writing.