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Ilyas Sliti & Richard Osho – Candidate for International Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Ilyas Sliti & Richard Osho who is running for the position of International Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Ilyas Sliti & Richard Osho

Candidate for International Officer

College I- Langwith   R- Vanbrugh

Year 2nd

Course I- Politics and International Relations    R- Sociology and Criminology

Why are you running? We are running to better the international community’s voice as a whole. We want to further improve representation and the facilitation of the University Internationalisation Agenda.In addition to this, we want to improve the welfare standards for international students from the point of contact to the point of leaving, working alongside the ISA will be crucial for that to happen.

What are your policies?

1) Integration.

We aim to improve existing avenues of integration by working in tandem with international societies and colleges, with a goal to help colleges host international nights targeted at both home and international students.

With colleges: Improved Home and International Student Events
With university: Improved ISA and GSA mixed events and wider international student involvement.
Break the barriers between international and home students

From our experiences in first year we know more can be done to improve the welfare, it is our mission to build on the hard work and the progress of previous officers.

2) Welfare of International Students

Improved safety protocols i.e. Road Signs, Fresher Packs and Info
Improved international welfare network by leveraging pre-existing services i.e. Nightline, Open Door, and College Welfare etc.

3) Employability and Opportunities

Work with Centre For Global programs, ISA, SIB, Societies and Sponsors to bring more employability options geared towards international opportunities for ALL students.

4) Representation

We aim to represent international students and bring to the table issues that are relevant to then and their particular circumstances and organize campaigns relevant to those same issues. Improve representation of international students on both Campuses

Why should students vote for you? We KNOW we are the best candidates for the role. We know we are more competent than the other candidates and will bring a different perspective to the role and ISA as a whole.

Manifesto in a sentence “We’re Believing In Better” – Louder Representation, Improved Welfare and Endless Opportunities for International Students.