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Jaz Millar to continue as YUSU’s LGBTQ Officer following partner’s resignation

Photo credit: Jack Harvey

Jaz Liddell Millar will continue as the LGBTQ Officer of the University of York Student Union following their partner’s resignation without a by-election, YUSU has confirmed.

Jaz Liddell Millar and Ashley Reed were elected the LGBTQ Officers of YUSU in late February. However, on the 21st of March, Ashley Reed announced their resignation of their position, citing tremendous abuse from other students.

Millar and Reed’s dual Facebook account, ‘Jaz Ashley’, has been dormant a day since Reed’s departure. However, a spokesman for the student union has confirmed to The Yorker that there will not be a by-election and that Millar will continue as the sole LGBTQ Officer.

Reed, the transgender rights activist and founder of the satirical website Campus Rag, stated that the abuse they had received since becoming the LGBTQ Officer made them “scared to be on campus and has completely destroyed any sense of happiness [they] once had” and that they would be avoiding campus-based activism for some time.

Notably, Reed was the subject of a series of mocking commentaries on the anonymous social media platform Yik Yak only minutes after ascending to the stage at the Results Night of the 2016 election. The Yorker‘s contributing photographer Bethany Lang captured their attempt to read these messages on stage on camera.

Millar intends to uphold every policy that ‘Jaz Ashley’ promoted, stating:

I’m so grateful for the kind words and support I’ve received in recent days. Every policy we stood for is a policy I believe in and that I am determined to see through.

Standing as a duo in the 2016 YUSU Officer Elections, Jaz and Ashley intended to make the LGBTQ Network more active, inclusive and transparent, campaigning in conjunction with other likeminded groups and networks nationwide.

The LGBTQ Network intends to support Millar throughout their tenure. Luke Elliot, the Secretary of the LGBTQ Network, said:

After consulting with YUSU staff, we are confident that Jaz is eligible to continue as our LGBTQ Officer. They were elected, along with Ashley, for their policies and these have not changed with recent events. As a committee, we are committed to supporting Jaz in delivering on their election manifesto and we look forward to working with them over the coming year.

To read Jaz and Ashley’s 2016 election manifesto, click here.