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List of 2017 YUSU election candidates

Image credit: the University of York Students' Union
Image credit: the University of York Students' Union
Image credit: the University of York Students’ Union

The full list of candidates for all Full and Part Time Officer positions in 2017’s YUSU Elections have been released. Online campaigning is now underway and physical campaigning begins on Monday. The complete list of applicants runs as follows:

YUSU President:

Charlie “Saturday” Chester
Roberto Avelar
Alex Urquhart
Max Flynn
Jed “8:30pm” Fulwell
Tom “V-Bar” Arnold
Ellie “Free Entry” Smith
Will “Week 9” Batchelor

Student Activities Officer:

Daniel Bowen
Mikey Collinson

Academic Officer:

Jay Elizabeth Edevane
Julian Porch

Community and Wellbeing Officer:

Mia Shantana Chaudhuri-Julyan
Thomas Underwood

York Sport President:

Laura Carruthers
Peter Fisher
Josie Phillipps
Alexander Lake


Women’s Officer:

Anna Marie Hill & Tilly Dalglish
Michaela Tharby & Catherine Yarrow
Emily Goulding & Radia Mustafa

International Students’ Officer:

Jens Dahle-Granli
Agnieszka Gziut & Muhammad Hassan

Environment and Ethics Officer:

Anna Spowage

BAME Officer:

No candidates

LGBTQ Officer:

Henry Fairnington
Rowen Ellis

Disabled Students’ Officer:

Aisling Musson
Samuel Linley

Mature Students’ Officer:

Neomi Marsolo & Megan Jones
Tiffany Swift

RAG Officer:

Claudia D’Almo & Sophie Wain

Volunteering Officer:

Alexandra Spiby
Alice Driver & Jasmine Pledger

Policy Coordinator:

Jack Harvey
Lucas North