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New Society: MADSoc

Interested in marketing and advertising?  A new society has emerged to fulfil that interest.  What is it named?  MADSoc. The ‘Marketing and Advertising Society’.  A wondrous little start-up founded at the beginning of last term by a group of students much like yourselves.  Intelligent, amiable, motivated. 

Weeks ago I set out to learn a tad more about MADSoc and found myself interviewing its President, Oli Deane. Oli, a well-presented, friendly gent, and I met on the sofas in James College’s Roger Kirk Centre and busted through a few questions, scribbled the night before.

Why found MADSoc?  “We wanted to do something productive,” Oli tells me, sipping his coffee, “and maybe leave a legacy for the uni.”  It is a small society run by its members, who consist mostly of Oli’s flatmates from his first year and Psychology students.  And although there are currently only four members on the MADSoc Committee, Oli assures me the group is not closed or exclusive.  “It’s a relaxed and sociable way of learning about marketing and advertising. It’s open to anyone, whether you’re interested in the field or not.”

Committee positions now available include Social Secretary, Graphic Design Coordinator, Web Design, and Marketing Coordinator.  Elections for a new committee shall be run in April. “No positions are written in stone at the moment, so anyone can try out!”

What about events?  MADSoc provides free access to all its socials and events.  “The premise is to have events throughout the term.  Not necessarily work, some for fun.”  Most recently, MADSoc hosted a talk by the head of Chronicles VR, a  Newcastle-based technology business, where members were able to use an Oculus-made headset called ‘Gear VR’.  What did average members think of this event?  “Pretty sick, mate!” says Cameron Harwood, first year Computer Science and Maths.  Indeed, MADSoc has much more planned for the future.  “When we’re a bigger society,” Oli promises, “we plan to have marketing campaigns for upcoming events.  We’ll also share our expertise with other societies, such as Drama.”

In the meantime, MADSoc may be hosting a crawl, or possibly more accurately, a swim, through local clubs and pubs, a few “off the beaten track”.  Even with recent flooding, it is always nice to have a good pint.