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NUS referendum voting time extended following complaints

Image credit: Oxford College of Marketing
Image credit: Oxford College of Marketing
Image credit: Oxford College of Marketing

Voting on the motion ‘Should YUSU remain affiliated with the NUS?’ has been extended until 5pm tomorrow following a number of complaints submitted to the student union.

Voting on whether the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) should continue to work with the National Union of Students (NUS) was due to end at 5pm today.

However, following the revelation that the NUS’s benefits statement, figures on which both sides of the referendum debate have used in their campaigning, was mistaken, YUSU has received a number of complaints. An editor of York’s branch of The Tab accused the NUS of “lying” to YUSU.

According to the statement, YUSU received £68,602 in rebates and savings from its NUS affiliation in the last financial year and £18,551 net profit from affiliation, combined with £36,599 of “unseen benefit” savings. However, an investigation, prompted by requests from the ‘NUSceptic’ side revealed that YUSU received £51,864 in rebates and savings and £6,452 net profit from affiliation.

Students are welcome to submit complaints to the Returning Officer, especially those who feel that the new, correct information would have influenced their decision on the motion.

The blog post, originally announcing the NUS’s administrative mistake, was amended today:

Both Campaign sides will now have an extra day’s worth of campaigning with these updated figures – once again, we apologise to anyone that feels misled by this mistake and would like to advise any student that wishes to make a complaint about the referendum process to do so by 5pm on Thursday 9 June 2016. Please contact returningofficer@yusu.org to make a complaint.  This includes individual students that feel this information would have altered their vote.

Voting now closes at 5pm tomorrow.