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Ollie Rowley – Candidate for YUSU President

The Yorker’s candidate profile for Ollie Rowley who is running for the position of YUSU President in the YUSU Elections 2015.

Ollie Rowley - YUSU president election

Name Ollie Rowley

Candidate for YUSU President

College Alcuin

Year 3rd

Course Environmental Geography

Why are you running? It’s a great experience to be part of and I think I could make student experiences better at York.

What are your policies? Increase the presence and influence of all officers, ensure better communication and support between officers and their networks, continue the development of Hes East, improve college structure and support, have more union led socials, such as more Viking Raids and make the University more environmentally friendly.

Why should students vote for you? As volunteering officer, I have experience within YUSU and know how it can be improved. If people vote for me, I can work on things I have learnt this past year and improve everyone’s student experience!

Manifesto in a sentence With a more visible presence from YUSU officers, improved communication between all societies and activities and increased college support along side the sustainable development of campus and more union led socials, I will make the best choice for your next YUSU president!