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Oxford joins Cambridge in staying in NUS

The Said Business School, located at the University of Oxford. Image credit: The Said Business School [www.sbs.ox.ac.uk]

The University of Oxford’s students have elected to remain a part of the National Union of Students (NUS), mirroring the decision of Cambridge students several days earlier.

The university newspaper Oxford Student reported that of the 5,975 votes cast in Oxford, 57.1% were in favour of staying in the national body.

Oxford’s students have been some of the most vocal enthusiasts for referenda on student unions’ membership of the NUS. A group of four Oxford students and NUS delegates known as “Oh Well, All Right Then” in reference to their apathy toward the NUS, campaigned for the Oxford students’ union OUSU to leave, describing the NUS as “unrepresentative” and “unreformable.”

During campaigning, both sides of the debate were accused of inappropriate behaviour, including the destruction of campaign posters and misuse of email mailing lists, the Oxford independent newspaper Cherwell reports.

Oxford previously held a referendum on its membership of the NUS in 2014, but the result of this referendum was ignored upon the discovery of electoral dishonesty.

Oxford joins fellow Russell Group universities in Cambridge, Exeter and Warwick in choosing to stay a part of the NUS. Last week, 6,178 votes were cast in a referendum at the University of Cambridge on the matter of NUS membership. 51.5% of students voted for Cambridge to remain affiliated with the NUS.

At York, campaigning is well underway. Students have until Wednesday 8th to decide on whether they wish for York’s union to be a part of the NUS.