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Presidential candidate withdraws on eve of YUSU Election Results Night

Image: The Yorker
Image: The Yorker
Image: The Yorker

A candidate for the Presidency of the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) has withdrawn from the race barely an hour and three quarters before the results of the election are due for announcement.

Max Flynn, running to succeed Millie Beach as the President of the union in the 2017/2018 academic year, announced on Facebook at 6:15pm today that he was pulling out of the race.

In a statement, Flynn cited a recent medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) prior to the official beginning of campaigning earlier this month. Following physical campaigning across campus in Week 7, Flynn wrote that he has become “pretty disillusioned with YUSU and student politics and decided that YUSU isn’t the best place for me next year and I’ve decided to withdraw from the election .”

Flynn described the election period as “pretty hellish” and as a time that “puts candidates under intense emotional and physical stress and asks them to put their lives and degrees on hold for weeks to have any chance of being elected.”

Flynn and other candidates have spent Week 7 of the Spring Term engaged in physical campaigning, which includes creating and playing posters and cardboard signs across campus, as well as giving “shout-outs” to students at the start of their lectures and attending nightclub events to promote their campaigns to clubbing students.

With the departure of Max Flynn, seven candidates continue to contest the presidency of the union; however, five of those seven have widely been described as joke candidates seeking to promote an event in V-Bar in Week 9.

Campaigning and voting ended at 5pm yesterday. The Results Night is ongoing at the time of writing.