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Roberto Avelar & Olivia Grutter – Candidate for International Officers


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Roberto Avelar & Olivia May Grutter who is running for the position of International Officers in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Roberto Avelar & Olivia May Grutter

Candidate for International Officers

College R- James   O- Vanbrugh

Year 2nd

Course R- Genetics   O- Psychology

Why are you running? We are both keen on getting more involved with the international community and we believe we have both the experience and the determination necessary to further improve the ISA.

What are your policies? 

1. Increase communication between colleges in order to both create more varied events catered to International Students, and to collect feedback about how the ISA is doing from both students and college committees.

2. Continue the success that this year’s ISA has had in increasing international student participation in events. We plan on increasing advertisements for events through different mediums, such as individual college newsletters that don’t currently advertise international events very often.

3. Oftentimes, students with British citizenship have lived abroad their entire lives but choose to come back to the UK for university. Although they are considered ‘home students,’ they likely identify more with the international community, so we aim to include these students in all international events.

Why should students vote for you? We are both really determined to do a good job and deliver on all of our main policies, and have therefore already started to try and implement them in case we do get elected. We have already been in contact with some of the ISA’s Committee to discuss how we can meet our policies and what has and hasn’t worked in the past. We are also working on contacting different College Committees across campus and have even started to sort out deals with different companies for future events we have planned in town. Roberto is currently the International Officer for James College and has experience in organizing events catered to International students, and Olivia volunteers for charities that work with individuals in York’s community.

Manifesto in a sentence We’ve both been international students our whole lives and know what it’s like to be a new student in a foreign place, so vote for us and we will help solve your #InternationalStudentProblems.