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Ron Weasley (Joseph Willis) – Candidate for YUSU President


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Joseph ‘Ron Weasley’ Willis who is running for the position of YUSU President in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Ron Weasley (Joseph Willis)

Candidate for YUSU President

College Vanbrugh

Year 2nd

Course History

Why are you running? I’m running as Harry has had many many books written about him and I would love to have that same recognition. It’s also to set the record straight on what actually happened during the second great wizarding war as they ignored the bit where me and Harry used the invisibility cloak to get into Willow without a stamp.

What are your policies? Defeat Voldemort, Aide student travel with floo powder and brooms, College allocation to be sorted out with a magical hat based sorting system, and all the spiders on campus to be swapped for butterflies.

Why should students vote for you? Because I’m a sweet ginger soul (and I’m a wizard)

Manifesto in a sentence Magic, mirth, and more, when Weasley is voted for!