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Ruth Maku – Candidate for BME Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Ruth Maku who is running for the position of BME Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Ruth Maku

Candidate for BME Officer

College Langwith

Year 2nd

Course Mathematics

Why are you running? I know what needs changing at this university and I know how to change it so I didn’t want to finish my time here knowing that I didn’t do anything.

What are your policies? 

ORGANISE a carnival to provide a much needed platform for the BME community to share their cultures. Termly panel debates with audience participation so everyone can have their BME questions answered.

CELEBRATE Black history month innovatively and CREATE Asian, Arab and Jewish months.

BUILD an online BME forum to make networking, interacting with events and bringing up issues easier.

IMPROVE career opportunities by liaising with employers and organisations that focus on helping BME graduates.

Why should students vote for you? I have a lot of energy and time to spare and I have no fear in talking to and meeting new people. So I will seek out the voices of those who would otherwise go unheard and I will tackle and create big projects to make sure that this university can be described as a vibrant, inclusive and empowering place for BME students .

Manifesto in a sentence Overall by the end of my time as BME officer I hope to leave behind a university that visibly promotes EQUALITY and values DIVERSITY.