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Sam Bourne – Candidate for YUSU President

The Yorker’s candidate profile for Sam Bourne who is running for the position of YUSU President in the YUSU Elections 2015.

Sam Bourne - YUSU President election

Name Sam Bourne

Candidate for YUSU President

College Halifax

Year 4th

Course Physics with Astrophysics

Why are you running?
1) Improve YUSU’s outward communications: so few people understand what the Union actually does, and I intend to change that with fun, regular events to open up how the Union is run.

2) Listen to the problems students face and get solving them! By working closer with student groups, course reps and as many suggestions from any students as possible, I’ll improve students’ day-to-day experiences.

3) Reduce on-campus facility costs. Food and sports facilities are hugely expensive, and that shouldn’t be the case: we want to encourage people to use our facilities, not drive them away.

4) Run big events all year round. We’re not just socialising in Fresher’s, so we need to put on big events more often, whether through YUSU or by supporting Colleges to run them.

Why should students vote for you? I have three years of experience on ten committees, for sports, societies and within YUSU on Societies Committee. I’ve chaired three committees, and led Physics in particular to be one of the largest societies on campus. Furthermore, i’ve worked in a staff role at my College, being a College Tutor this year: this has further improved my understanding of what Colleges need.

I’m the only candidate who has spent time working in important roles in all aspects of student life, and that experience is integral to getting the job of President done, and done right.

Manifesto in a sentence Having already summarised my policies, it would be “Vote for Samuel Bourne because he has the most relevant experience, has the best policies, and will actually get things done; making life easier for everyone.”