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Sean Pullen – Candidate for Academic Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Sean Pullen who is running for the position of Academic Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name: Sean Pullen

Candidate for: Academic Officer

College: Langwith

Year: 2nd

Course: Film and Television Production

Why are you running? It’s important to me that we get degrees which are good value for money and make us assets who are more highly employable than our competition. I also think that taking a sabbatical year, in between 2nd and 3rd year, will really push me to do the best job I can, as I’ll have to live with the effects of all of my decisions when I return to my degree.

What are your policies? Please see my manifesto for more information but in summary:

  1. Introduce Study Cafe’s
  2. Create a Working Partnership Agreement
  3. Raise the profile of Student Reps
  4. Restructure GSA Representation in YUSU
  5. Overhaul the VLE

Why should students vote for you? I’m really easy to talk to and think I empathise with people quite well. I have a fair bit of experience as a Course Rep, Department Rep and a Chair of Staff Student Forum and have spend a summer as a visiting student in South Korea, so really know how it feels to be an outsider.

Manifesto in a sentence: Vote for Sean for Academic for a better relationship between Staff and Students, more efficient departments and a student experience that increases your employability