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Tess Parker & Jacob Webb – Candidate for Environment and Ethics Officerss


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Tess Parker & Jacob Webb who is running for the position of Environment and Ethics Officers in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name Tess Parker & Jacob Webb

Candidate for Environment and Ethics Officer

College T- Derwent   J- Vanbrugh

Year 2nd

Course T- Social and Political Sciences   J- Social Policy

Why are you running? 

T- We’re not complainers- if you see something you CAN change, you may as well get off the couch and do something. I think we have an opportunity to put what we’re learning, especially as social policy or politics students, into practice, and experience is so worth it.

J- I care about student politics because I care about my university. Politics, despite its bad reputation, is a means to change things that you don’t like.

What are your policies? Note, these are just the barebones- our 4 key policies and one key way we would try to implement it. 

  1. Information- Info packs about all of the great foundations for sustainable living we have. This is for freshers, as well as everyone else.
  2. Community- Recycling Cafe, to help students reuse and recycle goods.
  3. Food Management- Creating more sustainable good arrangements for students on campus.
  4. Recycling- more of ’em. map of disposal points around the campus.

Why should students vote for you? Because we’ve got some darn good ideas, and the ability to actually do something about them. Plus, we have a bear, called Max, and he’s very soft and nice.

Manifesto in a sentence Recycling, Repairing, eco food, fresher focus, community support, sustainability, etc, TJMax, Bear.