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Thomas Ron – Candidate for Academic Officer


The Yorker’s candidate profile for Thomas Ron who is running for the position of  Academic Officer in the YUSU Elections 2015.


Name: Thomas Ron

Candidate for: Academic Officer

College: Derwent

Year: 3rd

Course: Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Why are you running? The post of Academic Officer has been seen as the quiet post for too long.  Far too few students know what the Academic Officer does or who they are.  Additionally, as York is sliding down the university rankings and our degrees are being devalued, we need an officer who has both the experience and record of working with the university, and ideas on how to improve student academic life.  I believe I am that officer

What are your policies? My main policies are

  • Extend the lecture capture system so that all lectures are on the VLE 24 hours after they are presented
  • Create a comprehensive feedback contract where students will have rights such as the right to see their paper setter for 15 mins outside office hours and to see their scripts annotated online, and
  • Improve preparation for exams and assessed work by ensuring 5 years of past papers are on the VLE (or the equivalent in specimens) and examples of first class work on the VLE.  I also want to provide £10 free printer credit per student, create a night bus so students all year around do not have to choose between studying and safety, have a breakfast card so students don’t have to go to lectures on an empty stomach, speed up the appeals system so students are not trapped in Academic limbo, and support department reps with regular meetings, Facebook pages for each department, and protected space on the VLE

Why should students vote for you? As a candidate I have a strong experience of giving real promises and have had 2 years where I have delivered real results.  I have made hard-hitting changes to campus and have a good working relationship with many high-ups in the university, as well as knowing how to work within YUSU and be effective.  I also have the best record of communicating with students and ensuring that people know how to contact me, get in touch, and have their voices heard.  I also have the best policies to improve the student experience, get value for money, and most importantly stop York’s slide down the league tables.

Manifesto in a sentence: Better feedback, better service, better value.