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York Sport Awarded Legacy Gold Standard



York Sport has received the prestigious Legacy Gold Standard award for their commitment to touch rugby. The award was presented by professional rugby Director Rob Andrew. 



Touch rugby is a less physical form of the original game, replacing tackling with touch. Players can win the ball by touching another player on any part of their body or clothes. O2 Touch was set up by the Rugby Football Association and is England’s fastest growing participation programme, with over 11,400 participants in 275 centres countrywide.

The Legacy Gold Standard Award was given to the University of York for its work in increasing participation in Touch rugby through O2 Touch. The university is one of 15 02 Touch centres to win the award.

York Sport Union President Grace Clarke responded to recieving the award by emphasising the importance of improving in all areas and all different sports.

I am absolutely ecstatic to hear that we have been awarded the O2 Touch Rugby Legacy Gold Standard by the RFU. O2 Touch Rugby is a fantastic pathway into university and college rugby.

Rob Andrew said,

It is great to come and see first-hand the work that the University of York has been doing and present this award. The University of York is a fantastic example of a leading O2 Touch centre that is connecting with the local community and increasing participation of the game through touch.