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YUSU Elections 2016: Disabled Students’ Officer Candidates – Samuel Linley

Credit: YUSU

Credit: YUSU
Credit: YUSU

Samuel Linley is running for Disabled Students’ Officer. He is a first year student who wants to improve the lives of disabled students in the face of recent government cuts. 

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m in my first year at York and I’m studying Physics with Astrophysics and I live in Alcuin. I’m currently on the Alcuin committee as the disability officer, a position which I was elected to in November 2015. Around campus I have became involved with PhysSoc and AstroSoc and I also sit on the concert orchestra committee as the 1st year rep.

What has inspired you to run for the position?

I have always had the passion and ambition to make a difference wherever I can, and I want to make the University experience as great as it can be for everyone, regardless of anything that may stand in their way. My desire to help people and make a positive difference has definitely given me enough motivation to stand for DSO.

Why do you think you are the right candidate for the role?

I am fully committed to everything that I get involved in and I never give up on my goals. Also, I have a lot of ambition to secure a positive change in light of the government cuts, something which I feel passionately about, and this is something that I will tackle if elected by working with the university and taking appropriate action to campaign against them where necessary.

Which of your policies are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about maintaining support for students in light of the government cuts. As I said earlier, I would work hard to maintain the support that disabled students rely on quite a lot, by working with the relevant people to achieve the support however necessary.

Who, if anyone, are you backing for president?

I’m not 100% decided but I think my vote will be for Ciaran.


Voting is is now open and will close on the 19th of February. 

Interview conducted by Grace Parker.