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YUSU Elections 2016: Environment and Ethics Officers – Ben Wright and Bethan Laughlin (B&B for E&E)


Details about the candidates:
Ben Wright is a passionate environmental activist and second year Crime and Criminal Justice student. He has been a vegetarian for the past 8 years. Ben organised a sleep out in aid of the challenges faced by refugees who have been forced to flee their countries. Last year he was the Derwent environmental rep, a Student switch off Ambassador, Green Impact Project Assistant for the NUS and represented the University at the NUS sustainability summit in Bristol last year.

Bethan Laughlin is a first year Politics student in Derwent College. She volunteered in Nottingham City Council for 2 years and helped design and build a library in Ghana. Bethan has also worked with local and national charities through her work with Nottingham Citizens (part of Citizens UK) tackling the issues of hate crime in the city, centred around collaboration and discussions with the local police and council in increasing the reporting of hate crime through a focus on investment into specialist teams and education. She was part of the team that organised he largest gathering of people in a political setting before the 2015 general election for 2,300 people about issues that mattered to them such as Hate Crime, youth unemployment and rogue landlords and has instigated a national campaign to end the indefinite detention of migrants. She is an active member of the Model UN at York.

What inspired you to run for the role?
Running for the position was inspired by on-going love of volunteering to positively impact people’s lives.

Why do you think you are the candidate for the role?
We know that we have the passion to turn this position into a real force for good in our community.

What are your main policies?
Cut costs – reducing printed paper use, looking into investing into rotating doors in the library to prevent heat loss, more efficient and centralised lighting system

Reduce the creation of waste – improving student knowledge of recycling facilities, more provision of digital documents

Reduce the causes of hardship in our community – encourage healthy eating through supporting our existing student let initiatives such as the student cooperation, Edibel Uni and VegSoc, support mental health and wellbeing by making library and lecture theatres a more calming and positive working environment by introducing more plants. Reach out the local community and build lasting relationship with charities and volunteer organisations.

Ultimate goal is to create a more unified and better supported network of student eco-activists and innovate to make our university more energy efficient. Small changes, big impact.

If anyone, who are you backing for President?
We want to wait for physical campaigning and more information before deciding on a prez.