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YUSU Elections 2016: Environment and Ethics Officer(s) – Katie Smith and Ben Walker


Details about thc candidates:
Ben is a history student in Vanbrugh College. He is in Socialist Society and is the print editor of the Lemon Press. Other than that he watches House of Cards on Netflix, like every student!

Katie studies English in Education and is in James College. She is also in the Socialist Society, FemSoc and LitSoc. She writes poetry, reads and volunteers for Oxfam in her spare time.

What inspired you to run for the position?
We care very much about the direction our university is going with regards or rent and the redevelopment program. With the proposed demolition of much of Derwent, it will change the face of our university and eliminate some of the cheapest accommodation on campus.

Why do you think you’re the right candidate?
Both of us are already heavily involved in campaigns to stop Prevent and address the issues of rent and redevelopment. Katie and I have started an open letter opposing prevent and have made FoI requests about redevelopment on campus. This role would officiate this and give better resources to pursue our policies.

What are your main policies?
Rent – ensure that the University maintains affordable options for students who wish to live on campus, regardless of means

Prevent – recent government legislation called ‘Prevent’ is proposing that University staff spy on students in the name of combating extremism. So we propose that YUSU opposes these measures and boycotts this training for staff in order to make minority students feel welcome and to facilitate free speech on campus.

Redevelopment – make the redevelopment plans for buildings on campus to be more freely available so students can make suggestions and contribute to the future of our campus.

Who, if anyone are you backing for President?
We’re backing either Ananna or Habib for President, both are strong candidates!